Dread & Alive® Characters - Cudjoe



Dread & Alive® Issue #0


CUDJOE or Kojo, the Akan name given to a male born on a Monday is a Myalman (wizard), or medicine man (healer). Born among the Maroons of Jamaica, Cudjoe ruled over the Cockpit Country alongside his brother Quaco.

A master of Myal (good magic), he can heal with his hands and has the ability to repel and destroy the evil that is produced by Obeah. Cudjoe also has the power to create a stronger magic than that of the Obeahman.

Dread & Alive® Characters - Cudjoe

“Without honorable peace, there is no hope for the future.”


Cudjoe carries a powerful staff which bears the head of the Conquering Lion of Judah, a staff that can only be controlled by him. With it, he is able to exercise supernatural authority over the forces of nature.

He also possesses one of the two prized amulets of the Jamaican Maroons, a talisman with untold powers that protects him.

As a healer, Cudjoe is knowledgeable about the pharmacopeia of herbs. His powers are used for curative and protective purposes and rarely for malicious or injurious ones.

Cudjoe has been known to practices with both hands, (good and evil). As a Myalman, Cudjoe greatest power is his second sight. He can not only see into the spirit realm, he can also converse with the spirits.

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Cudjoe’s gift of second sight would reveal several prophecies to the Myalman; the first revelation being an apocalyptic prophecy describing the end of mankind at the hands of one of their own. The other revelation was a messianic prophecy about a boy having the power of both the Myalman and Obeahman who would play the role of warrior and savior in leading mankind from Babylon to Zion, a triumph of good over all evil.

That child was Drew Mcintosh, the son of Philip McIntosh, a descendant of the Jamaican Maroons and friend to Cudjoe.

Philip was a local legend in the rural areas of Jamaica. A cultural anthropologist by day, when darkness fell, he would be called upon to perform the duties of a Myal practitioner or Myalman, to heal people and cast out bad spirits (duppies).

Cudjoe summoned the McIntosh family to Accompong and upon seeing Drew, knew that he was the child in the prophecy… the chosen one. Cudjoe pursued Drew as his apprentice, and as the boy grew older, he began to display powers and abilities that confirmed the prophecy. On Drew’s fifteenth birthday, Cudjoe granted him possession of the prized amulet once held by Quaco. This gift of great power that would protect Drew would also become a curse and prove fatal for the McIntosh family.

Banished from Accompong by his brother, Quaco exacted his revenge on Cudjoe by taking the life of Philip McIntosh. This was just the beginning of his campaign of terror against Cudjoe.

Nine years later, Quaco has taken on a new identity. Possessed with the Akan evil spirit of Sasabonsam, he is determined to get his revenge and destroy all of mankind. Cudjoe and Drew will unite to battle their most powerful enemy ever…. Shadowcatcher.

Character Facts


5′ 11″


170 lbs.




Brown (amber-colored when using powers)


Brown (Dreadlocks)




Myalman, Wizard, Priest, Medicine Man, Healer


Accompong, Jamaica




Myalman, Duppy Conqueror, Seer


Quaco (brother), Maroons (Ancestors, deceased)


Magic (Myal), Duppy Conqueror, Healer, Immortality, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Reflexes, Heightened Senses, Power over Nature, Myal Stick (Staff)