Hide Your Soul, part 1
Dread & Alive: Nine Night featured on the cover of IRIE Magazine - Dread & Alive
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Dread & Alive: Nine Night featured on the cover of IRIE Magazine

IRIE™, the international reggae magazine for everything roots rock reggae music, Irie Magazine today released its October 2018 World Reggae edition (#05.09) of IRIE™ featuring Dread & Alive® on the cover!

This special Halloween edition of IRIE introduces the next story arc in the Dread & Alive series entitled Nine Night™!

Dread & Alive® is a Jamaican-inspired mixed-media series spanning comic books, novels and music created and written by Nicholas Da Silva (founder & editor-in-chief of IRIE) and published by ZOOLOOK. His work with Dread & Alive® meshes cultural fact with fiction while introducing the Maroons of Jamaica, who resisted against enslavement by the british, and their ancestors, the Akan and Asante (Ashanti) People of present-day Ghana.