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Dread & Alive® Characters - Drew McIntosh



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Drew McIntosh is the birth son of Philip and Maria McIntosh. Direct descendants of the Jamaican Maroons, his parents have traced their lineage back to the Ashanti people of the Gold Coast of Africa. Like his father, Drew was born gifted, or ‘foyeyed’ (four-eyed,); with second sight. Drew can see into the spirit world and possesses the ability to converse with the spirits.

When Drew was seven-years-old, he journeyed with his parents to the fabled Cockpit Country at the fervent request of CUDJOE, the village chief & Myalman of the Jamaican Maroons. Cudjoe knew of Drew’s hidden powers and abilities foretold to him in a prophecy. He believed Drew was the chosen one that would lead his people from Babylon to Zion.

Dread & Alive® Characters - Drew McIntosh

“I am the Conquering Lion, protector of the animal world to which all humans belong.”

Drew McIntosh

Drew became Cudjoe’s apprentice and under his guidance, he not only learned the ways of a Myalman, he proved himself worthy of being the possessor of the prized amulet once held by Cudjoe’s brother, Quaco, a powerful Obeahman who was banished from Accompong for abusing the spiritual powers of Obeah and sentenced to exile inside Windsor Caves.

Dread & Alive® | Characters - Drew McIntosh

This decision didn’t sit well with Quaco, who had now become so consumed with hate for his brother, that he abandoned his Akan name, choosing the alias, Shadowcatcher.

Swearing divine retribution against Cudjoe, Shadowcatcher sent a message to his brother by exacting his revenge on the McIntosh, taking the life of Drew’s father, Philip McIntosh.

Devastated by Philip’s tragic death, Maria took Drew and fled the Cockpit Country and Jamaica, starting a new life in San Francisco. Maria found work at the local university and also became a foster parent, adopting two teens from troubled homes. Drew graduated from high school and college, following in his father’s footstep and receiving a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology. He also found his soulmate in Brandy Savage, a transplant from Jamaica, who has become his rock; someone that he can confide in, open up to and rely on.

For Drew, the memory of his father would not be forgotten. On the anniversary of his father’s death, his past in the Cockpit Country came back to haunt him when a surprise visit from Cudjoe turned into an ominous warning.

Cudjoe warned that Shadowcatcher has plotted his revenge and it’s a sinister plan that spells doom for all of mankind. In his attempts, he will not only destroy Cudjoe and take back the amulet, but he will also seek the soul of Drew Mcintosh while casting the earth into utter darkness, destroying the veil between the living and the dead.

Drew has now realized his purpose in life, one of warrior and savior. In order to defeat Shadowcatcher and avenge his father’s death, he will have to enter the realm of the underworld and fight the eminence of evil on his turf all while surviving Nine Night!

Character Facts




200 lbs.




Brown (amber-colored when using powers or enraged)


Brown (Dreadlocks)


Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology


Cultural Anthropologist, Journalist, Activist, Vigilante, Seer


Kingston, Jamaica


Dual Citizenship (United States/Jamaica)


Soul Rebel, Conquering Lion, Duppy Conqueror, Dread, Rastaman, Warrior


Maria McIntosh (mother), Philip McIntosh (father, deceased), Cuffee (half-brother), Michelle & Anthony (Siblings), Brandy Savage (Committed Relationship)


Heightened Senses, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Reflexes, Healing Factor, Immortality, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Night Vision, Power over Nature