Dread & Alive Casting Call

Calling all comic book fans! ZOOLOOK is inviting you to be an extra in his Dread & Alive Nine Night series. Whether you’re a diehard fan or a newcomer to comic books, this is the opportunity for you.

ZOOLOOK is also working on a soundtrack series for Dread & Alive: Nine Night. If you are an artist or a band that writes / records reggae music and all its subgenres as well as conscious hip hop, hit him up at iam@zoolook.com.

In ZOOLOOK’s Words

Team Dread Da Silva

“The idea of doing a casting call for Dread & Alive first came to me when I was approached by legendary penciller (and inker) and team DREAD member, Rodney Buchemi. He was pencilling MARVEL’s X-Men Forever 2 series back in 2010. He said he needed to create a second pilot for the story and asked if I wanted a cameo appearance.

I responded, ‘Hell Yeah! Who wouldn’t want to appear in a comic book with the Ghost Panther!’ The rest is history.”


Team Dread ZOOLOOK 01
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Team Dread ZOOLOOK 03
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X-MEN FOREVER 2 (2010) #11 – The Gathering Storm

img 000 Cover X Men Forever 2

Published: November 10, 2010

She’s lain claim to Wakanda…now Perfect Storm has her sights set on Genosha! And with Little ‘Ro in her clutches, our mutant heroes are more vulnerable than ever to the wretched weather witch’s wrath. But if anyone can stop the traitorous X-Man-turned-conqueror-it’s the mysterious GHOST PANTHER! Is this the spirit of T’Challa come back for vengeance…or something far, far worse? Only X-Legend Chris Claremont has the answers!!!

Writer: Chris Claremont

Penciller: Rodney Buchemi

img 001 Cover X Men Forever 2


img 002 Cover X Men Forever 2


img 003 Cover X Men Forever 2


img 004 Cover X Men Forever 2