DREAD (\ ˈdred \) adj, 1 : causing great fear or anxiety 2 : inspiring awe 3: courage and fearlessness in the face of obstacles 4: dreadlocks

ALIVE (\ ə-ˈlīv \) adj, 1 : full of energy and spirit 2: animated 3: Sensitive to the danger

Dread & Alive® - Nine Night Poster

Welcome to the official site of the Dread & Alive® Series

Dread & Alive® is a Jamaican-inspired mixed-media series spanning comic books, novels and music created and written by Nicholas Da Silva and published by ZOOLOOK.

Dread & Alive® meshes cultural fact with fiction while introducing the Maroons of Jamaica, who resisted against enslavement by the british, and their ancestors, the Akan and Asante (Ashanti) People of present-day Ghana.

In Dread & Alive®, the protagonist, Drew McIntosh, sets out to defeat an antagonistic force in the form of a powerful Obeahman… Shadowcatcher.

Nicholas is currently working on the next story arc of Dread & Alive® entitled Nine Night™. In this episodic series, Nine-Night (aka the ‘dead yard’ or ‘set up’), the funerary tradition or wake in Jamaica, takes on a whole new meaning when Shadowcatcher descends upon the city of San Francisco, seeking divine retribution against his brother, Cudjoe, the Myalman, and to possess the soul of his apprentice, Drew McIntosh.