Dread & Alive

A ZOOLOOK Comic Book Series


Dread & Alive (drɛd & ə-ˈlīv)

DREAD ( ˈdred ) adj, 1 : causing great fear or anxiety
2 : inspiring awe 3: courage and fearlessness in the face of obstacles 4: dreadlocks

ALIVE ( ə-ˈlīv ) adj, 1 : full of energy and spirit
2: animated 3: sensitive to the danger


Dread & Alive Series

Dread & Alive™ is a supernatural horror series spanning comic books, novels, music, and films created, written, directed, produced, and published by multidisciplinary artist and musician Nicholas Da Silva, known professionally as ZOOLOOK. It introduces the first Jamaican superhero in comics, with its protagonist, Drew McIntosh, while featuring a black superhero comic book series steeped in West African Spirituality. Drew McIntosh must protect a sacred amulet with untold powers from its original owner, a powerful Obeahman named Shadowcatcher.

ZOOLOOK | Dread & Alive - Duppy Conqueror


Duppy Conqueror™

ISBN: 978-0-9830637-8-0

ZOOLOOK | Dread & Alive - From Babylon to Zion


From Babylon to Zion™

ISBN: 978-0-9830637-5-9

ZOOLOOK | Dread & Alive - Concrete Jungle


Concrete Jungle™

ISBN: 978-0-9656228-6-8

Dread & Alive™

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ZOOLOOK | Dread & Alive - Soul Rebel Dub


Soul Rebel Dub

Feb 6, 2021

Time: 04:30
Genre: Dub, Reggae
Series: Dread & Alive

About this track:

Soul Rebel Dub is the first track from my upcoming reggae album, Dread & Alive: Concrete Jungle.

Album Release Date:

Feb 6, 2025

Dread & ALive Logline:

When a Jamaican immigrant mysteriously returns from the dead with extraordinary powers and a mandate to confront monstrous evil, he embarks on a journey to uncover the hidden truths of his past.

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