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Dread & Alive®: From Babylon to Zion

“I am the Conquering Lion, protector of the animal world to which all humans belong. So Jah Seh!”


Dread & Alive® Series - Night of the Walking Dead

Dread & Alive®: From Babylon to Zion™

Dread & Alive® is a Jamaican-inspired mixed-media series spanning comic books, novels and music created and written by Nicholas Da Silva and published by ZOOLOOK.

Dread & Alive® meshes cultural fact with fiction while introducing the Maroons of Jamaica, who resisted against enslavement by the british, and their ancestors, the Akan and Asante People of present-day Ghana.

In Dread & Alive®, the protagonist, Drew McIntosh, sets out to defeat an antagonistic force in the form of the Obeah man, Shadowcatcher.