DREAD (\ ˈdred \) adj, 1 : causing great fear or anxiety
2 : inspiring awe 3: courage and fearlessness in the face of obstacles 4: dreadlocks

ALIVE (\ ə-ˈlīv \) adj, 1 : full of energy and spirit
2: animated 3: Sensitive to the danger

Welcome to the official Dread & Alive website

Dread & Alive® is a Jamaican-inspired series spanning comic books, novels and music created, written, produced and published by mixed-media artist, ZOOLOOK.

Dread & Alive meshes cultural fact with fiction while introducing the Maroons of Jamaica, who resisted against enslavement by the British, and their ancestors, the Akan and Asante (Ashanti) People of present-day Ghana.

In Dread & Alive®, the protagonist, Drew McIntosh, sets out to defeat an antagonistic force in the form of a powerful Obeahman… Shadowcatcher.

ZOOLOOK is currently working on the next story arc of Dread & Alive entitled Nine Night™. In this episodic series, Nine-Night (aka the ‘dead yard’ or ‘set up’), the funerary tradition or wake in Jamaica, takes on a whole new meaning when Shadowcatcher descends upon The City, seeking divine retribution against his brother, Cudjoe, the Myalman, and to possess the soul of his apprentice, Drew McIntosh.